FORS50: Registration

Registration for the event is now open. Register from HERE.

Registration to the event closes on the 5th of July 2023 (deadline extended)

The Registration fee is 160 euros and it includes lunch and coffee on both days and the anniversary banquet.

Students pursuing bachelor’s or master’s level studies can attend the conference at a reduced price of 20 euros. This does not include lunches, refreshments, or the anniversary banquet.

After submitting the registration form, you receive an automated email from to the email address you used for registration. This email includes the instructions in Finnish for downloading the invoice of the registration fee either using the link (napsauta tätä linkkiä in Finnish) or by copy-pasting the given URL to the browser. The email also includes the virtual barcode (virtuaaliviivakoodi in Finnish) of the invoice. The fee is paid with a bank transfer.

The following paragraph explains the details of the invoice which is mostly in Finnish. The invoice is a pdf file where the fields of the invoice are named in Finnish and Swedish. It includes the IBAN and BIC details for payment. The IBAN number is also the recipient’s account number. The recipient of the invoice (saaja in Finnish) is Suomen Operaatiotutkimusseura ry. The reference number of your invoice is found in the field “Viitenro”. Use the reference number when paying the invoice. The due date is found in the field “Eräpäivä Förf.dag”. After the registration, you have 2 weeks time to pay the invoice. The sum is 160 euros or 20 euros depending on your registration choice.

For further inquiries regarding the registration or the payment of the registration fee, contact